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Professional event photography for trade fairs, conferences, meetings, company celebrations or incentives

As an event photographer, I specialise in the high-quality documentation of events in Frankfurt, Mainz, Wiesbaden, Darmstadt and, if required, nationwide. I work discreetly with unobtrusive equipment and preferably without flash. You can find important questions and my answers in the FAQ on event photography.

Event photography – fast, flexible & efficient

With years of experience as an event photographer, I ensure that you get all the important moments of your event captured in the best possible way. You will receive the finished images of the event within a few days – if you wish, they can also be produced overnight or live on site for social media or the press. It is also possible to integrate the current images into a final presentation – this guarantees an AHA experience for all those involved in the event.

Event Photography FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

I answer frequently asked questions about my event photography services and processes.

Generally, I am booked as an event photographer in Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main area about 4 weeks before an event. The shorter the notice, the fuller my calendar. Feel free to try your luck!

To capture a scene in a visually appealing way, I need 5-20 minutes – including viewers, different perspectives and special moments. Especially when it comes to long runs, I therefore work with experienced photography colleagues who work in the same style as I do for large events and/or parallel programme items – communication still goes through me, so you only have one contact person.

Especially with speakers, the time I need varies greatly and depends on how photogenic the respective person is. It is not uncommon for me to take 20 minutes to capture a “beautiful” image of a person. Many people are very concentrated when they speak and then often look stern or expressionless.

For me, a picture is beautiful (worthy of submission) if the person has a neutral-positive expression, a nice, open mouth movement (since the picture is supposed to show that he or she is talking and not listening) and, ideally, still an expressive posture and gestures. At the same time, of course, I also stage the background, the light and the foreground.

Due to the short journey and flexibility, I am mainly booked as an event photographer in Frankfurt and the Rhine-Mein area. You are welcome to book me nationwide if travel costs are covered.

My half-day rate (4h) as an event photographer is currently 600€ net. Included is professional camera equipment (of course including backup camera, etc.) as well as a small light set. In addition, there is the image selection, editing and provision of the event photos (the scope varies depending on how full the programme is), as well as rights of use, a flat-rate travel fee and, if applicable, parking costs.

Same-day delivery or live production on site can be booked for an additional charge. Simply write me your information and I will calculate a non-binding offer for you.

In principle, “parallel” photography is possible. Either a programme point of the event is then omitted in the photographic accompaniment or I bring a photo colleague with me who actually takes photos at the same time.

Please take into account when planning: For an event scene, depending on the situation and the photogenicity of the protagonists, I need approx. 5-20 minutes to shoot at least one scene. to create a beautiful picture. For portraits, we need about 15 minutes per person, plus set-up and a location check if necessary. If you are accompanying me for a longer period of time, please plan a lunch break for me with a place to sit and food, i.e. during the lunch break we basically cannot “just quickly take a few portraits”.

You basically get all the pictures that have turned out well. My team and I do the pre-selection so that you get the best photo of each scene. If there are variations, e.g. different perspectives or facial expressions, you get all the beautiful variations. For speakers, of course, this depends on how much is on offer. There are speakers for whom there is only one perfect picture – for others there are many.

The number of photos depends very much on how full the programme is and what is happening on site; for example, if the outdoor reception is shortened due to a storm and the guests scurry directly into the event room wrapped up in winter coats, there will be fewer photos of this part of the programme.

In order to be able to calculate an offer as an event photographer, I need the date, the location and the programme as well as the desired number of hours of photographic accompaniment. The start is the arrival time on site – of course I plan enough buffer and am usually on site earlier depending on the traffic situation.

When planning, please also take into account whether a personal briefing or a location check is to be carried out on site. Especially if the light is difficult, it is advisable to plan enough time in advance so that I can give input from my side as an event photographer if necessary or, for example, to give a picture of the event. can agree on walking routes on site.

Event photography in reportage style

My pictures tell a story – the story of your event day. Just randomly pressing the shutter button is a no-go for me. I watch the scenery and anticipate what will happen next. I move around a lot and compose the background, the light, the colours around the motif. The result is unique, authentic pictures that show your event and the special atmosphere on site as it was – and perhaps even a little bit more beautiful…

To get even more authentic event photos, you can also have me take backstage shots, for example. This gives you and your customers interesting insights into what is happening.

Discreet, but close to the action

Due to my inconspicuous and attentive way of working as an event photographer, I am hardly visible during the event, but still present everywhere. Whether at the front of the stage or in the middle of the group having fun together – you will receive special event photos from me of the big and small moments.

Due to my charming manner, I can also intervene if necessary and thus stage the protagonists in the best possible way.

Whether it’s a trade fair, a conference or a corporate event – every area of event photography has certain special features. Thanks to my many years of experience as an event photographer in the Frankfurt area, I would be happy to advise you on this.

Customer excerpt from the Frankfurt / Rhine-Main area

Event Photographer Annika List

For almost a decade I have specialised in event photography and I am still happy about every request from the Frankfurt area or even nationwide.

Capturing as beautifully as possible what you have spent months preparing – and accompanying a complex programme together as a team (photographically, but also humanly) always gives me moments of happiness.

In the meantime, I’ve experienced just about everything you can’t imagine beforehand – so I’m not only a moment collector, but also a problem solver. I am therefore also happy to advise you on how to run your event efficiently – and flexibly. I am looking forward to YOUR enquiry.

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